Young Editors Project | Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute


It is without a question incredible how, when you give students a platform, they will use it to the best of their abilities—our Young Editors Project is a testament to that fact. The Young Editors Project recently paired up students at the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute with the incredible manuscript, Have You Ever Seen a Flower? by Shawn Harris.

With a pen in their hand, the students (pictured below) embarked on their journey as editors. And the response was incredible. We received constructive criticism about everything, from content and layout to illustrations and text size. It was absolutely amazing to see what the kids picked up on and the interesting things they came up with to make the story even stronger.

We were delighted to hear from Ellen, Program & Volunteer Coordinator at MOI, who commented on the experience, saying, “It was a neat challenge for the students and I was amazed at how opinionated some students were and what unique suggestions they had.”

Ellen and Abdi-Nasir_grade 8.jpg
Abdi-Nasir_grade 8.jpg