Max Costume Update


It’s been impossible to choose between all the equally worthy entrants into this weird Wild Things costume contest, so we will be doing something appropriately weird and completely impractical. The Wild Things costume will spend this schoolyear bouncing around from one classroom to another, so everyone who entered will get to enjoy it for a week. (Doing calendar-math on napkin, finding it within the realm of possible.) Still, this is of course an insane plan, but if I know elementary schoolteachers, they can pull this off without breaking a sweat. So the first school — Lee Hunter Elementary in Sikeston, Missouri — will get it next week. When you get it, my Lee Hunter friends, take some photos and post them, and we’ll link to each other — I have no idea how this works — and then you’ll send it to the next school. (Don’t worry — we’ll tell you where.) In this way, we’ll have a sort of year-long chain-letter, albeit one containing dirty white fur and broken whiskers. This will be fun. Thank you to everyone who entered. We’ll do it next year, providing the costume is intact and Instagram still exists. -D.E.