Wordplay 2018

by Just buffalo literary Center


The Just Buffalo Literary Center publishes an annual anthology featuring the most outstanding student writing from their creative writing programs. Below are a couple pieces that stood out to us, visit their website here to read this year’s anthology, as well as learn more about what the Just Buffalo Literary Center is up to!

El Rey De La Selva, Ronelfi Alvarado-Polanco, Grade 5



Corre mucho

y es bravo

y es inteligente

y está por piedra dibujada

en el medio de dos arboles

está por el rio

está parado por piedras

y tiene cuernos y el cielo es azul y rojo

y ay montañas altas

y él dice que es el rey de la selva.

King of the Forest



Runs a lot

and he’s tough

and he’s smart

and he’s by a stone with a carving

between two trees

he’s by the river

standing by the rocks

and he has horns

and the sky is blue and red

and the mountains are tall

and he says he is the king of the forest.

[Serenity’s Top Fears], Serenity Raynor, Grade 5

My worst fear of all is alligators. Listen, alligators eat humans and other big animals like it’s nothing. Alligator are enormous predators and they are incredibly quiet. They are almost invisible to the naked eye because they blend in so well with their environment.

So I don’t go into swamps. EVER.

My second greatest fear is almost as terrifying as alligators. It’s my Mom. My Mom’s voice comes bellowing out of nowhere like a landmine, you never see it coming. The only way to escape is by hiding, but you can still hear her yelling at my sister downstairs.

The best way to avoid an angry parent is to HIDE.

The third scariest thing for me is snakes. Snakes are wild, poisonous animals. They are vicious and dangerous.

When I hear a snake coming I RUN.

The moral of the story is to always RUN AWAY from scary things. If you can’t run away then HIDE and never ever go into swamps.