One Pencil, One student

by the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute

The Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute (MOI) is a nonprofit founded in Minneapolis in 2009. Below is an example of one of their collections of youth writing, One Pencil, One Student. Find more information and more youth writing at their website here.


I Am a Mirror by Suheyla, Grade 4

I am a mirror

I reflect the wisdom of my grandma

the hope of my dad

the faith of my mom

the humor of my cousins

I share the qualities of

my family and that’s the

reason I’m successful.

Two Colors by Rihanna, Grade 4

Dark outside like

a soft warm jacket.

beautiful like a

sunset in the sky

with mixed colors


star gazing in a

dark day today.


and going to sleep

in a dark dark cave,


and going to wake up

in the morning with a colorful

sunrise again.